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Midwives Vigil

November 22, 2021 7:44 AM
By Councillor Inga Lockington
Liberal Democrat Councillor Inga Lockington says: "Yesterday I went down to support our NHS Midwives holding a Vigil on the Cornhill where they talked about the pressure on them. They asked residents to sign a petition saying "Support urgent government investment into maternity services to solve the staffing crises"
We know they all want to provide the best possible care to every pregnant mum but with the current shortage of midwifes they do not feel it is always possible. We need more training places and better job planning. in 2018 the then Health Minister Matt Hancock said "The NHS should be the best place in the world to give birth" under "continuity of care" every pregnant women should be assigned a named midwife throughout their pregnancy, who will stay with them during the birth and as they settle at home with the baby. Unfortunately his actions did not match his words.
Midwifes are telling us they often have to look after more than one birth and as some Midwifes have retired they do not feel they can give the care & support they would love to give to new mums.
Vigils have been held by Midwifes all over the country as this is a national problem."

Sign their petition here:-

Placard at Midwife Vigil