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Latest News

  • Tim Lockington in coat
    Article: Mar 2, 2021
    By Councillor Tim Lockington

    Vaccine reflections - from Ipswich Liberal Democrat Chairman Councillor Dr.Tim Lockington

    I am not an algorithm!

    Do you remember the Drama series "The Prisoner" and the memorable line, centre stage, "I am not a number, I am a Free Man"?

    The good news BIG NUMBER story of the vaccine roll-out is a rare success in the management of the Coronavirus epidemic in this Country.

  • Inga Lockington head and shoulders 2/21
    Article: Feb 28, 2021
    By Councillor Inga Lockington

    COVID-19: 'Think about other people': Queen speaks out on vaccine hesitancy. This was one headline in the news two days ago.

    Yes, please listen to Queen Elizabeth when she speaks out about the importance of taking up the offer of the vaccine when you receive that offer, not only for your own sake but also for other people's sake. I had my first vaccine over three weeks ago.

  • Give Carers a Break
    Article: Feb 17, 2021

    Carers are under enormous pressure - most carers are now exhausted.

    Most haven't had a single break since the pandemic started.

    Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to give carers a break.

    We're calling for emergency funding to councils so they can offer every unpaid carer the support services they need to take a weekly break.

    Cllr. Inga Lockington says: "I support the Give Carers a Break Campaign. I know that being a Family Carer at any age can be very rewarding but also very hard work physically and emotionally. The impact of physical or psychological disability, or dementia is always very individual, Everyone has their own story, both carer and cared for. If you are caring for someone who is restless at night you might find you don't sleep either but still have to be the Carer during the day. In Suffolk we are lucky to have Suffolk Family Carers, and other specialised charities that can provide support through knowing about the nature of the problems carers face.
  • Recycling leaflet
    Article: Feb 15, 2021
    By Councillor Inga Lockington

    Councillor Inga Lockington writes:-

    As the recycling rate in Suffolk had dropped the County, Borough & District Councils decided to issue residents with a new leaflet to remind us of the importance of recycling and putting only the correct waste in the Recycling Bin.
    I found my leaflet one day when putting leaflets in the Blue Bin. It had arrived inside folded inside a larger Pizza Leaflet together with other adverts.
  • Suffolk County Council (SCCNAME PLATE)
    Article: Feb 12, 2021

    Suffolk County Council agree on 4% council tax rate for 2021/22.

    Another piece of the annual Budget jigsaw was put into place yesterday as the Conservative led County authority set the budget for the coming year and agreed a rise of 4%. This will be added to respective precepts from Districts, Borough and local town and parish Councils and the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner. The Council had the option to go for a maximum of 5% which would have provided more funds for the crisis ravaged social care sector. The decision will result in a budget of £597.9m an increase of £41m and an extra £53.55 for a Band D property on this year's bill.

  • Orwell Bridge Suffolk Lib Dems (Suffolk Liberal Democrats Trevor Powell)
    Article: Feb 9, 2021

    Suffolk Liberal Democrats

    Suffolk Liberal Democrats County Coordinating Committee have launched a new website this week bringing together news, views and features on Liberal Democrats people and campaigns across the County.

    With local elections for the County, Ipswich Borough and numerous outstanding by-elections scheduled for May 6th the new website will aim to present visitors with a front row seat and a social media link to the five local Suffolk parties, the work of our Lib Dem Councillors, local election candidates, the Lib Dems Manifesto for Suffolk and election results.

  • Tim Lockington
    Article: Feb 4, 2021
    By Councillor Tim Lockington

    Elton John (here) is right to raise concern about the loss of free-movement for musicians to tour in Europe. He is a very wealthy man but the main victims of this mess are local musicians starting out and professionals in music production, set design and simply those vital people, often self-employed and on low wages, who enable the tours to physically get around and deliver one of the things this Country does best, to people and communities that love us for it.

  • Holocaust Memorial Day
    Article: Jan 27, 2021

    Holocaust Memorial Day

    27th January 2021

    This year's theme chosen by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust is "Be the light in the darkness".

    Due to COVID restrictions it was not possible to have the usual public gathering in Suffolk. Instead, to mark the occasion a special video has been created.

    The video, of about an hour's duration will be available on the Suffolk County Council YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SuffolkCC/videos

  • mo27 (Photo by David Vázquez on Unsplash)
    Article: Jan 27, 2021

    Back on 6 May 1978 much of Suffolk decamped to the old Wembley stadium to watch Ipswich Town win the FA Cup in front of a full house of 100000. It was a joyous day

    Yesterdays announcement that that at least that same number of people had died from covid was absolutely terrible. Its hard to grasp the scale of the devastation. So many lives lost, so many families grieving. What is equally shocking to our mind is that this waste of life seems to be accepted. You would expect real anger at what has been an enormous failure of policy but if its there it seems well hidden if opinion polls are to be believed

  • Cllr Inga Lockington
    Article: Jan 18, 2021
    A new website has been launched today aiming to offer residents across Suffolk and North East Essex a single, comprehensive and accurate source of information about COVID-19 and the roll out of the vaccination.
    Councillor Inga Lockington has already taken a look for us and said "With all the information and questions about Covid and the Vaccine here is an update from our Local NHS. It is important for all of us that we get correct information. Like many residents I can't wait for us to get back to a time when we can meet family and friends again so if you/we are able to receive the vaccine we are helping each other with taking up the offer when we receive it."