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Latest News

  • 20mph in Borrowdale
    Article: Feb 16, 2017

    Councillor Inga Lockington says "Much of the traffic crossing Ipswich uses roads in my County Division. Valley Road and Crown Street are at capacity, much of the time, so other residential roads are being used as rat-runs. Lib Dems in the last Coalition Government made reducing the speed limit to 20mph an easier option. Borrowdale Ave and its side roads were the first streets in our Division to "go 20". During the Travel Ipswich Scheme, to avoid the Town Centre, the Belvedere/Tuddenham Road junction became very busy, and Borrowdale Avenue a favourite cut through."

    Inga worked together with residents to get the 20mph Speed Limit made Legal last autumn. Another part of the Division in desperate need is the accident hot-spot between Anglesea, Orford and Warringtom Roads. A major scheme,drawn up to improve the junctions, was not supported by local residents who recognised that the real issue was speeding traffic passing through.

    Inga also supported a plan to look at a 20mph speed restriction across the area between Norwich Road/ Henley Road & Valley Road. Residents were consulted last year and were in favour. A second proposal for more on-street parking on Anglesea Road was NOT supported and will not go ahead. The scheme is therefore to introduce a 20mph limit in the 33 streets within the area.

    The next step is the completion of a County Council "Legal Order", details of which are on display in Ipswich's Libraries, and to which residents can respond.

  • Inga Lockington
    Article: Feb 8, 2017

    The Planning Committee at Ipswich Borough Council today granted Crest Nicolson outline planning permission for 1100 homes in the Northern Fringe of Ipswich. This is the start of one of the largest developments Ipswich has ever seen.

    Councillor Inga Lockington addressed the Committee together with a number of Local Residents and raised concerns about air quality and, in particular, highway problems. Ipswich council officers stated that over the course of the development, improved standards for vehicle emissions would help deal with pollution. Suffolk County Council agreed there would be a significant impact on adjoining highways but this would come within acceptable limits. Although permission has now been given, Inga & Oliver confirm that they will continue to scutinise all parties and make sure local people's worries are not ignored."

  • Orwell Bridge
    Article: Feb 2, 2017

    Suffolk Police have just announced that in the first six months of operation, over 6,000 people have been caught breaking the 60mph speed limit on Orwell Bridge. Councillor Oliver Holmes is on the Ipswich Borough Council working group which initiated this scheme. He states that although there have been some complaints from drivers calling it, amongst other things, a "cash cow", the only purpose of the speed limit was to reduce the number of accidents on the bridge which have often led to major disruption to traffic through Ipswich. First reports from the Police and Highways England are encouraging although the full picture will only be known at the end of the first year of operation.

  • Article: Jan 15, 2017

    Theresa May's Conservatives are getting ready to take Britain out of the Single Market.

    Leaving the Single Market would be a disaster for jobs, businesses and the economy.

    Don't let the Tories push our economy's self-destruct button - add your name today and support our campaign to keep Britain in the Single Market:

  • Cllr Inga Lockington
    Article: Jan 15, 2017

    Councillor Inga Lockington :- "I note the latest solution to the emergency pressure on hospitals is to brow-beat our GP's into working longer hours with little evidence that this can be achieved, using staff that don't exist. Many surgeries have unfillable vacancies because increasingly people do not want to work to Theresa May's rules in Theresa May's NHS

  • Article: Jan 13, 2017

    The first principal Council by-elections of the year last night gave us two Liberal Democrat gains. The first one was in the Labour heartland of Sunderland in a ward where we have never even come second before. A truly incredible swing from Labour to Liberal Democrat.

    Sandhill (Sunderland) result:
    LDEM: 45.0% (+41.5)
    LAB: 25.0% (-29.9)
    UKIP: 18.7% (-7.2)
    CON: 10.0% (-5.7)
    GRN: 1.3% (+1.3)

  • Lib Dem Cllr Inga Lockington
    Article: Jan 9, 2017

    "The NHS is facing a "humanitarian crisis" as hospitals and ambulance services struggle to keep up with rising demand", the British Red Cross has said, following the deaths of two patients after long waits on trolleys in hospital corridors"

    "Fifty of England's 152 NHS acute hospital trusts were forced to declare an alert last month, and sometimes temporarily scale back the level of care they offered to patients, because they could not cope with the number of people seeking medical attention, according to analysis by the Nuffield Trust health thinktank. Every hospital in Essex has had to go on 'black alert' - the NHS's highest level - in recent weeks"

  • Fightback
    Article: Jan 6, 2017

    Ipswich Liberal Democrats can celebrate reaching 100 members at the start of this year. Bearing in mind that the membership was just 57 at the begining of 2015, and had been around that figure for many years, this is significant progress. Whilst there are many different factors resulting in this increased membership we would like to pay particular thanks to our membership secretary Colin Boyd for his work over the last couple of years. Of course we don't want to stop here, we need many more members and supports if we are to make a significant impact with our campaigns in Ipswich. The easiest way to join up is to click on the "Join Us" button at the top of this web site. Alternatively if you have some ques tions you want to ask first then click on the "Contact Us" button. If you are already a member why not ask a friend who shares your views to consider joining us.

  • 6th May to 15th Dec chart (Brian Milnes)
    Article: Dec 16, 2016

    Last night the Liberal Democrats gained three more Council seats in byelections from the Conservatives, all with substantial swings. In one, in Taunton Deane, Somerset, the Liberal Democrat share of the vote increased by an incredible 49%! Nearer to home the Conservatives also lost a further seat in St Edmundsbury, Suffolk to an Independent. The Liberal Democrats did not contest the seat last time but this time Chris Lale got us of the mark with over 10% of the vote to come a creditable third above both labour and UKIP. The chart shows the progress the party have made since the last local elections in May. We believe that Ipswich Liberal Democrats can look forward positively to the Suffolk County Council Elections next year.

  • Tim Farron arriving at Autumn 2016 Conference (Liberal Democrats on Flickr)
    Article: Dec 11, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have won the Richmond Park by-election following a swing of 21.7%.

    Folllowing the victory Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

    "The message is clear: The Liberal Democrats are back and we are carrying the torch for all of those who want a real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government.