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Latest News

  • Article: Sep 23, 2016

    Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) is the organisation responsible for treating mental illness in Suffolk and Norfolk. This is a service that is currently in Special Measures, making it the first and only mental health trust in the country to be under performing to this extent. Even more worrying is the recent announcement that 90 jobs are set to be cut across the trust.

  • Article: Sep 23, 2016

    Well done, Babergh Liberal Democrats, for a very successful by-election in Hadleigh! Ipswich Liberal Democrats would like to congratulate you, and new Liberal Democrat county councillor Trevor Sheldrick, for an excellent campaign and a stunning result. With the election of Trevor, the Conservative Party have lost their majority on Suffolk County Council, and our Suffolk neighbours in Hadleigh have gained an excellent county councillor with a long record of service to the community. A superb result for Trevor, for Hadleigh, for Suffolk, and for the Liberal Democrats. We send our best wishes and many congratulations.

  • Tim Farron
    Article: Sep 23, 2016

    Below is the final version of Tim Farron's speech at the close of the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton today.


    Liberal Democrats are good at lots of things. But the thing it seems that we're best at, is confounding expectations.

    We were expected to shy away from taking power, but we stepped up and we made a difference.

  • Article: Sep 23, 2016

    Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb will announce plans today for a 'New Beveridge Group' of independent health experts to consider the case for a dedicated NHS and care tax.

    Speaking to party members at the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Brighton, former health minister Norman Lamb will call for "honesty and straight talking" on the cash crisis facing the health and care sector, raising the possibility of an extra penny on a new dedicated NHS and care tax. The proposal builds on his previous calls for the introduction of a separate health and care tax which would be marked out on people's payslips.

  • Article: Sep 23, 2016

    Two weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn suggested Britain should give up its membership of the EU's Single Market - a position he shares with only the most hardcore Brexiteers.

    The single market means it as easy to trade between London and Berlin as it is between Edinburgh and London. Within the Single Market, goods, people, services and capital can move freely, meaning there's no lengthy customs checks, borders to cross and goods can move freely and cheaply.

  • meral hussein-ece
    Article: Sep 23, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have denounced moves in France to ban the burkini, stressing that people must be free to wear what they want.

    France's highest court ruled in August that beach bans on burkinis imposed in a number of towns across the country violated basic freedoms, but several bans remain in place including in Corsica. French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has now vowed to change the constitution and impose a national ban on burkinis if elected.

    In an amendment passed today by members at the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference, the party has said it stands "shoulder to shoulder with France" in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, but that it "deplores" moves to ban the burkini as people must be free to wear what they want.

    It forms part of a motion on combating racism, which also condemns the use of anti-immigrant rhetoric during the EU referendum campaign and rise in racist attacks.

    Liberal Democrat equalities spokesperson Meral Hussein-Ece said:

    "The image of a policeman ordering a woman to remove her clothing on a beach was truly chilling sight for all of us who see France as a bastion of freedom and equality."

    "The burkini ban has been rightly overturned in court, now French politicians must take note and stop stoking division for political gain."

    "One of the core principles of a free and liberal society is that individuals should be allowed to wear what they want and not be dictated to by the state."

    "The UK government must also do more to combat the appalling rise in hate crimes and racist abuse we have seen in this country since the EU referendum, including ensuring victims are given the support they need to come forward."

    You can read the full motion, as passed by our conference here.

  • Article: Sep 23, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats are today launching a National Consultation exercise on the impact of Brexit on local communities.

    All Lib Dem parliamentary candidates will contact businesses, health and educational institutions and civil society organisations in their constituencies to discuss their Brexit concerns.

  • Article: Aug 17, 2016

    How often do we hear representatives of political parties failing to acknowledge the mistakes their party have made? When confronted about mistakes, representatives talk at great length about other political agendas so the audience often forget the original question. Well for a refreshing change, here is a direct acknowledgement that we, the Liberal Democrats, made a mistake not to honour our Tuition Fee pledge. It is a mistake that has made the party a laughing stock to some; it is an embarrassment that has seen the party lose 86% of our MP's. This is the biggest loss in recent history anywhere in the world. We let people down, and perhaps rightly, we were punished as a consequence. We should have insisted that tuition fees be scrapped as part of the coalition agreement; this was key in our manifesto, and all of our MP's made this pledge. We didn't insist the Conservatives scrap fees in line with our pledge, and on behalf of the party I apologise unreservedly.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2016
    In The Independent

    Exclusive: Lib Dem leader in talks with Labour and Greens as Brexit crisis ushers in 'historic opportunity' to build a new alliance

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has indicated that the calamitous environment of British politics presents an "historic opportunity" to build a new political party or alliance on the centre-left, involving both the Labour Party and his own MPs.

  • Article: Jul 9, 2016

    To all our new members and supporters... Welcome!

    The UK political scene is in a period of considerable change, and the future is very uncertain. However, the support for our party is growing rapidly. If you're a former member looking to rejoin, somebody who has always supported us but never joined, somebody who has been moved by the recent EU referendum, or anyone who is a true Liberal; then we would love for you to join us today.