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  • Article: Aug 17, 2016

    How often do we hear representatives of political parties failing to acknowledge the mistakes their party have made? When confronted about mistakes, representatives talk at great length about other political agendas so the audience often forget the original question. Well for a refreshing change, here is a direct acknowledgement that we, the Liberal Democrats, made a mistake not to honour our Tuition Fee pledge. It is a mistake that has made the party a laughing stock to some; it is an embarrassment that has seen the party lose 86% of our MP's. This is the biggest loss in recent history anywhere in the world. We let people down, and perhaps rightly, we were punished as a consequence. We should have insisted that tuition fees be scrapped as part of the coalition agreement; this was key in our manifesto, and all of our MP's made this pledge. We didn't insist the Conservatives scrap fees in line with our pledge, and on behalf of the party I apologise unreservedly.

  • Article: Jul 25, 2016

    Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) is the organisation responsible for treating mental illness in Suffolk and Norfolk. This is a service that is currently in Special Measures, making it the first and only mental health trust in the country to be put into this. Even more worrying is the recent announcement that 90 jobs are set to be cut across the trust.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2016
    In The Independent

    Exclusive: Lib Dem leader in talks with Labour and Greens as Brexit crisis ushers in 'historic opportunity' to build a new alliance

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has indicated that the calamitous environment of British politics presents an "historic opportunity" to build a new political party or alliance on the centre-left, involving both the Labour Party and his own MPs.

  • Article: Jul 9, 2016

    To all our new members and supporters... Welcome!

    The UK political scene is in a period of considerable change, and the future is very uncertain. However, the support for our party is growing rapidly. If you're a former member looking to rejoin, somebody who has always supported us but never joined, somebody who has been moved by the recent EU referendum, or anyone who is a true Liberal; then we would love for you to join us today.

  • Tim Farron in Whitehall
    Article: Jul 6, 2016

    "Far from being Bush's passenger, Blair was his co-pilot in taking this catastrophic decision which has destabilised Iraq, provided the hotbed for Daesh and tarnished Britain's reputation around the word."

    "Daesh has arisen from the complete absence of any post conflict planning by the government.

    "Charles Kennedy's judgement has been vindicated in every respect. I hope those in the Labour and Conservative parties who were so forceful in their criticism of him and the Liberal Democrats at the time are equally forceful in their acknowledgements today that he was right. An absence of scrutiny by the Conservative party opened the door for Blair and the Labour Government to pursue a counter-strategic, ill-resourced campaign.

  • Article: Jun 27, 2016

    I am devastated and I am angry. Today we woke to a deeply divided country.

    Nigel Farage's vision for Britain has won this vote, but it is not a vision I accept.

    An institution that we built, that delivered peace, that promoted equality, kept us safe and opened the doors of opportunity, will no longer play part of Britain's future.

  • Document: Jun 27, 2016
  • Document: Jun 6, 2016
  • Article: May 6, 2016

    We are delighted to anounce that Oliver Holmes has been elected as Councillor to St Margaret's ward. We know he will do an excellent job, and we wish to thank all our loyal voters in the ward for helping us to achieve this victory. Oliver's full contact details will appear on this site in due course, but in the meantime he can be emailed via oliver.holmes@ipswichlibdems.org.uk or you can continue to contact Cllr Inga Lockington in the usual way.

  • Nick Clegg
    Article: Apr 27, 2016

    Today I want to talk about Britain's two most important relationships: with our neighbours in Europe; and our cousins in the United States.

    As those descriptions suggest, the two relationships are very different. They are born of different circumstances and have been tested by different pressures. They provoke different emotions in the minds of British citizens. But they are intimately linked.