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  • Article: Feb 4, 2016

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  • Document: Feb 4, 2016
  • Article: Jan 16, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have committed to holding the Government to account over the promises David Cameron made in the debate over airstrikes in Syria. The Liberal Democrats believe that the UK's relationship with Saudi Arabia continues to be a key concern.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the antithesis of a liberal state. Despite nods to opening up the democratic process in the recent years, the reality is that this is still a country where nearly all freedoms are restricted.

  • Article: Jan 16, 2016

    Tim Farron wrote to the Prime Minister, together with Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Ming Campbell, Kirsty Williams and Willie Rennie setting out five principles against which the Liberal Democrats would judge the case for extension of military action against ISIL in Syria.

    This is an update on the action taken since the Liberal Democrats supported extending military action against ISIL in Syria, and how it relates to these five principles.

  • Article: Jan 9, 2016

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron MP today accused the Government of using the Paris terror attacks to 'sex up' a letter about the junior doctors strike from the independent Medical Director of NHS England. Tim Farron is also calling for Bruce Keogh and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to both appear before the Health Select Committee.

  • Tim Farron 2016
    Article: Jan 9, 2016

    Commenting on the Prime Minister's announcement that Government Ministers will be able to campaign on both sides of the European referendum campaign, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said David Cameron needed to show the 'courage of his convictions'.

    Tim Farron said:

    "David Cameron should have the courage of his convictions and make the case we all know he wants to make, that by staying in Europe, Britain can thrive.

  • Tim Farron on Video
    Article: Dec 6, 2015
    By Tim Farron

    I've made a short video, explaining the rationale behind my decision to back the Prime Minister's action on Syria, as part of a wider package of measures to bring stability and an end to the long running civil war in the country.

  • Article: Nov 24, 2015
    By Edward Docx in Guardian

    Unfettered Osbornomics is what we'll get on 25 November. If we had a financially literate opposition rather than Corbyn's Labour, things might be different, writes Edward Docx in this Guardian article


  • Article: Nov 8, 2015
    By Derek Deedman in The Independent

    The Liberal Democrats have accused Labour of acting like a "nodding Conservative dog" for giving qualified support to Theresa May's controversial plans to

    shake up Britain's surveillance laws.

    Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, has promised to lead the fight against the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill as he seeks to carve out a niche for his party as a

    champion of civil liberties…

    Mr Farron told The Independent: "The Home Secretary has created a sham of judicial authorisation that doesn't fool me, the public or the experts. It is an utter


    He added: "The Labour Party is even worse though. It is acting like Conservatives on this Bill and just acquiescing. It is about as useful as a nodding dog.

    The Liberal Democrats will make sure the public's concerns are heard. You can't rely on Labour or the Tories to stand up for our hard won civil liberties…

    Mr Farron's intervention could raise tensions inside the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has a strong record of attacking the Tories on civil liberties. But

    Andy Burnham, the shadow Home Secretary, said Mrs May had "listened to legitimate concerns" and broadly got right the difficult balance between national

    security and the privacy of individuals. He said the draft Bill was "neither a snooper's charter nor a plan for mass surveillance."" [The Independent]

  • Article: Oct 21, 2015

    Tim Farron delivered his first speech to a Lib Dem Conference as leader of the party.

    In it he called on the millions of liberals in Britain to become Liberal Democrats and join the party.

    Full text of the speech

    When I was growing up my school didn't have a sixth form. I guess that's because most of us didn't do A levels. So I went to a separate sixth form college - Runshaw in Leyland - and, in my first week, I joined the Liberal Party.